A - If I'm in love.
B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.
C - How long it's been since I've kissed.
D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.
E - How many holes I have in my ears.
F - Give me any options, like 'hot or cold?'
G - The last person I said 'I love you' to.
H - The last person I hugged.
I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.
J - Are you insecure. What about?
K - What my full name is.
L - If I have siblings.
M - If I forgive betrayal.
N - If you want to know how I treat my friends.
O - If I like my school.
P - What kind of music I like.
Q - What the last party I went to was, and when the next will be.
R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.
S - 2 habits.
T - 5 things I love unconditionally.
U - How many texts I send daily.
V - 3 big dreams.
W - An idol.
X - If I've done something I regret very much.
Y - If I like my town and why.
Z - Ask any question you want.


clean birb!



clean birb!


[senpai passes me the blunt] *gasps* an indirect kiss!!!


who wore it better

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this is actually really cute 


this is actually really cute 

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Please see the Boxtrolls for yourself and form your own opinions about the movie. Stop falling into this herd mentality, “Oh if someone says this than it must be true. Clearly this is the right way to feel”

Go out and experience it for yourself. Don’t just idly consume what others have to say as fact. If you watch it and come to the same conclusion, then great, it’s not a movie for you. If you see it and you don’t come to the same conclusion, great, good for you!

There are some problematic elements in that movie, but WOAH. SURPRISE! MOST MOVIES HAVE PROBLEMATIC THINGS IN THEM. I’m a 50/50 black and mexican woman. There are problems with each of these things in most media today!!! There are problems outside the media, in real life!! But I think that post that everyone is spreading around makes it much worse than it actually is in the movie.

Old tropes die slowly, but creating discussion about them helps to change things for the future!!! That’s good! Talk about the bad stuff. Let them know that making those kinds of jokes isn’t okay though discussion!

Don’t doom a smaller studio for a mistake, when they have been consistently trying to push the visuals and storytelling in modern american films. Let them know in a way that gives them a chance to move forward from here, rather then ruining them in a way that could mean no more movies from them.

I think that the messages in the rest of the film have great merit. I don’t want to give anything away, but please please please please please, EXPERIENCE THINGS FOR YOURSELF AND DONT JUST IDLY CONSUME OTHERS OPINIONS!!! MAKE YOUR OWN.



Doctor Arin and Nurse Danny perform an opeRAYtion


Doctor Arin and Nurse Danny perform an opeRAYtion


Don’t let this post about The Boxtrolls being transmisogynistic keep you from watching and enjoying the movie.

Don’t be a sheep and let someone else’s opinion get to your head and create an idea of a film maybe you haven’t even seen . Go see the movie first and then construct YOUR OWN opinion of this character in question and the film in general.

Because seriously, do you think a studio that has featured an openly gay character in one of their movies, and a couple of gay men on the trailer for Boxtrolls could be transmysoginist?

Does the person who wrote that post even know the real dept of the term “Misogyny”? 

It makes me sad the number of notes that post has, honestly.
Please don’t let collective thinking dictate your beliefs and opinions! Have some individual thinking.

PS: This is a message from someone who has seen the movie and honestly didn’t feel any kind of hate directed towards the trans community in any way.

The Boxtrolls is transmisogynist


So I went to see The Boxtrolls today having been very excited about all of the publicity, the general theme of the film, and all of the posters I saw of what appeared to be same gender families.


I left the cinema in tears because of it. It’s very transmisogynist. I do not advise anyone, especially trans women, to see this film without warning of what’s in it. I’ll explain why below.

TW FOR THE CONTENT BELOW. It contains spoilers and descriptions of transmisogyny.

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seriously though there’s a bit of a disproportionate retribution going on in here when you decide to boycott someone’s labor of love that took years to make

like fuck you very much

thanks for shitting on the hard work of the many people behind the scenes

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The fact that I could read the lips on your animation before I even read that he was saying "I don't know" is 100% amazing. That's what every animator strives for, ok?

Really? That’s so good to hear oh man! I wasn’t sure if other people would be able to do that y’know ‘cause I already knew what he was saying but wow that’s cool thank you! OvO

some people (inculding me) dont wanna support boxtrolls because there was some pretty bad transmisoginy in the movie js

Aww what? When? What happened that was transmisogynistic??

*sweats over the realization that not that many people actually like or respect cartoons and think they’re too childish to be entertaining or cool and there’s a good chance I’ve been forcing my own agenda on all my friends*